How to Play The London System Chess Opening

The London System is a great chess opening for beginner players. White can quickly develops the dark square bishop which usually is a very underutilized minor piece.

It usually arises after 1.d4 and 2.Bf4, or 1.d4, 2.Nf3 and 3.Bf4

It is a “system” opening that can be used against virtually any black defence and is extremely good against the King’s Indian Defense systems.

The London System is one of the Queen’s Pawn Game openings where White opens with 1.d4 but does not play the Queen’s Gambit.

The opening has a reputation for being extremely solid, and it can often be a great way to beat set defenses against 1.d4

Watch the video below to get more detailed explanations of the opening, multiple variations, and extended lines.

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